Pet Memorial Frames

Boxer Memorial Frame

Our pets are members of our families, so it is understandable that they break our hearts when we lose them. Why not keep their memory alive with a bespoke, hand made frame that contains your memories of them.

 Some of the items you can have in your frame are:

- treasured photographs 

- a paw print or a small amount of fur or hair

- a collar, name tag or horseshoe 

- a favourite toy


Horse Memorial Frame
Pet memorial frame 1.jpg
Dog Memory Frame
Pet ashes encased in glass

In addition Ashlyn Framing Studio has teamed up with Skorkart and Nadia Lammas Glass to provide the opportunity to create a truely amazing tribute to your pet. You can now include:

- a unique pastel or watercolour portrait by Kat Skorka of Skorkart

- a fused glass name plaque or shape with your pets ashes in the glass made by

Nadia Lammas Glass

Click on the Pet Memorial Frame link below and everything can be arranged for you without you having to do any of the running round. Let us take the strain off you.

Cat Memorial Frame
Horse memorial frame
Framed Pet Collar
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