Custom Mountboard Cutting

If you require a specific size,  shape, or colour of mountboard, I offer a custom mountboard cutting service 


In addition, you can add a V grove (a shallow cut that acts as decoration) or a debossed line (a indented line) to your design if required.

Please complete the enquiry form with the details of your request, and include the following (see picture):

  • External Dimensions in cm's

  • Internal Dimensions of the cut out in cm's

  • The colour of mountboard required

  • Whether you would like a V groove or debossed line (normally cut 1 cm from the edge of the aperture)

Once your enquiry has been received, I will email a picture of the mount design to you, before proceeding. I will also provide you with confirmation of the cost. You will then be given the option to proceed with the order, or not.

Please contact me to make an appointment before making your visit to my studio