Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to visit Ashlyn Framing Studio?

Yes. There are times that I may be out delivering or collecting work so to ensure that I am available to give you my full attention please book an appointment before turning up.


Can I take things to be framed to Skorkart at Halfpenny Green Wine Estate?

By all means if that is easier for you. Kat is able to talk to you about my services and provide you with a  quote for the work. You can leave your items with her and pick the completed frame up from there when it is completed

Do I need to have a design for my frame?

No, as part of my service I will produce a number of different designs based around what you are looking for. Whilst you don't need to have a design it does help if you have an idea of how you want the finished piece to look.

Do I have to choose a set design for my frame?

No, all of my frames are bespoke and are designed and made to your individual requirements. 

Can I choose the mountboard colours and moulding for my frame?

Yes, you can choose all of the components that will go to make up your frame, that includes the number and colour of mountboards and the moulding to be used to make the frame.

How much will my frame cost?

All of my frames are bespoke designs and therefore as no two frames are the same I have no set price structure. I am happy to provide you with a no obligatory quote once I know what you want you frame to look like, the moulding, mountboards and glass. 

How long will it take to frame my piece?

I will always endeavour to finish your frame as soon as possible, normally within a week although it does depend upon delivery from my suppliers. I will keep you informed of the progress of your frame until it is finished.