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A memory is not just a photograph or picture, it is also the little things that made that occasion special

Wedding Memories Frame

At Ashlyn Framing Studio, I am passionate about producing bespoke frames that evoke your memory of an event, occasion, or loved one . I take great pride in delivering a first class customer experience, from your first enquiry to you receiving the completed frame. Everything is focused around you, and the quality of the product that you receive.

All of my frames are handmade to meet your individual requirements, and provide you with a unique memory that will last forever. 

Once the decision has been made to begin a frame, I am here to guide you through the whole process, from start to finish, to ensure that you get the unique frame you desire. This includes providing you with designs until you are happy to proceed, recommending which items are suitable or not suitable for 3D framing, and advising you on the moulding, mountboards, glass and other materials that are used to produce your individual frame.


The first step on the journey to making your own individual frame, is to complete the enquiry form with the details of your ideas. I will then contact you to discuss the design process, the specific elements of your frame and the next steps.

Armed Forces Memory Frame
Career Frame

By completing the enquiry form you are not committing to anything more than an initial discussion about your frame. There is no cost, and I am happy at this stage to provide a quote for the work, which is again totally without obligation.

I offer a range of mouldings (frame) glass and mount boards. If you browse the site and can not find what you are looking for, it's not a problem - just contact me and I will try to bring your ideas to life. Remember you are only limited by your imagination!!

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